Do it Yourself Cheap Wedding Backdrops

    by Rose Sartaguda

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    Wedding backdrops come in a variety of options, most of which you can do yourself to save on cost. They are often used to set the mood for the wedding stage; decorate the background of the head table, buffet table or bar; distinguish the lounge area or adorn an otherwise plain cake table. Consider your wedding theme and let your imagination fly to come up with creative solutions for transforming plain venue spaces into beautiful wedding stages.

    Things You'll Need

    • Garden trellis (6 feet tall)
    • Decorative materials (sheer fabric, fresh or silk flowers, lights, balloons, paper lanterns)
    • Paint (optional)
    • Shoji panels
    • Asian decorative items (umbrella, kimono)
    • Origami (using recycled paper)
    • Beaded curtains

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    Prop up two or three garden trellises against a wall. Paint them white or leave their natural color. Drape sheer fabric over the trellis, and weave lights or flowers throughout for a romantic touch.

    Hang sheer cloth from floor to ceiling in white or your wedding colors. Hang curtain lights at the back of the fabric to create a magical romantic glow, ideal for evening wedding celebrations.

    Rent an arch or borrow one from a relative or friend's garden. Drape sheer fabric over it, weave lights throughout the arch and add other trimmings such as flowers or leaves. Alternatively, just hang balloons in your color motif for a playful touch.

    Rent or make your own shoji panels for an Asian-themed wedding. Use the panels as is for a simple, clean backdrop, or decorate the panels with other Asian trimmings. Hang paper lanterns on the panels, or place a Japanese umbrella in one corner for a creative touch. A Japanese kimono strategically draped on the panels also creates an interesting effect.

    Have a talented friend or relative handcraft origami cranes or flowers from recycled paper. Make as many pieces as possible and hang them on strings, with multiple cranes or flowers on each string. Hang the strings from ceiling to the floor using adhesive tape to secure them. Use a dark curtain at the back if you're using light-colored origami, or vice versa, for a dramatic contrast.

    Hang beaded curtains as backdrop for the head table or stage, for a bohemian look. Choose from wooden, glass or other types of beads, depending on the bride's and groom's personal styles.

    • Check with a representative from your wedding venue to see if the facility has any restrictions regarding what types of decorations are allowed. For example, some wedding venues won't allow nails to be used to attach decorations.

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