Wine Cork Art Projects

    by Christi Aldridge

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    Christi Aldridge has been writing professionally since 2009. She graduated from Texas Christian University, where she was a featured contributor for several campus publications and won an award for best columnist.



    If you're a wine fanatic, chances are you have kept some of your favorite corks to remember the names of the vineyards whose wines you enjoy best. Display -- and recycle -- the old corks by using them in household craft projects. Even if vintages and vineyards mean nothing to you, collect corks or buy some from a craft store and get creative with some fun, imaginative ideas.

    Cork Board

    Make a cork board from your wine corks. You'll need a large wooden frame and a piece of plywood or some other type of backing material that is cut to fit inside the frame. Using a hot glue gun, liquid cement, or tacky craft glue to glue the corks to the plywood lengthways, Make sure the name of the vineyard is showing. Allow the cork board to dry, then use push pins to hang notes on your cork board.

    Place Card Holders

    If you're having a dinner party or reception of some kind, liven up the table with wine cork place cards. Cut a slit in each cork and place the card inside of it. The corks look elegant and will add something different to the table. They're especially suitable when you're entertaining with wine, and might inspire impromptu tasting sessions.


    Cut the cork into round slices using a sharp craft knife and stick a self-adhesive magnet circle onto each one. Arrange a few of them on your fridge for a fresh update on the household magnet.

    Cork Angel

    Paint a wine cork and a styrofoam ball measuring 1 to 2 inches with gold craft paint. Let them dry, then glue the ball to the end of the cork to form the head and body of the angel. Use a 10-inch piece of gold fabric netting to make the angel's wings. Fold the netting piece to make the ends meet and form a bow-like shape. Wrap wire around the middle to create the wings and glue these on the cork. Glue glittery yarn on top of the ball to create hair, and make a looped halo out of wire and glue it to the back of the ball. Use a small paintbrush to paint facial features on your angel.