Wedding Reception Table Decorations Ideas

    by April Sanders

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    There are usually many different types of tables at a wedding reception: the gift table, the dessert table, a table that holds the guest book, buffet tables that hold food, the table reserved for the wedding party and tables for guest seating. The decorations for these tables can differ based on the different functions of the tables.


    The centerpiece is the most important element of any wedding reception table. For dining tables, this usually means a floral centerpiece. Keep it low enough for guests to see each other across the table. A small crystal vase filled with flowers of one color and tied with a pretty silk ribbon makes an elegant statement. Candles surrounded by rose petals are an inexpensive and formal centerpiece, or try floating the candles in a crystal bowl full of water. For the dessert table, the wedding cake is usually the centerpiece, so simply scatter confetti or rose petals around it. For smaller tables, such as gift tables or guest book tables, place a single rose in a bud vase and set it beside the gifts or guest book.

    Table Linens

    It's amazing how much difference a quality table linen can make in the look of a table. Most reception halls come with basic white tablecloths as part of the rental cost, but consider dressing your tables up by laying a table runner down the center of the white table clothes. You don't have to purchase several expensive runners. Instead, visit your local fabric store and see if you can find some fabric remnants that are the right size. They don't have to match perfectly, as long as they are in the same color tones as the wedding colors. This will instantly brighten up the look of your reception.

    Place Cards

    Instead of letting your guests scramble to find a seat, use place cards to designate the seating. While this may take some advance planning, it will also ensure that everyone has a good conversation partner, and consequently, a good time at your wedding. Unique and decorative place cards are not only functional, but they can beautify a table as well. Try purchasing tiny, inexpensive silver frames to display homemade place cards and add sparkle to your table in the bargain, or make your own place card holders.

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