Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Using Branches

    by Kim Hoyum

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    Kim Hoyum is a Michigan-based freelance writer. She has been a proofreader, writer, reporter and editor at monthly, weekly and daily publications for five years. She has a Bachelor of Science in writing and minor in journalism from Northern Michigan University.


    Use branches in your wedding centerpieces to make an elegant departure from traditional floral arrangements. Branches add visual drama and form to your tables -- utilize them as the focus of the centerpiece or just to accent the main design. You might even opt to eliminate the flowers all together and use other nature-inspired elements instead. Or, to make an eclectic statement, consider arranging branches and flowers as a combination centerpiece.

    Non-Floral Ideas

    If branches will be the main feature of your centerpieces, focus on the type of branch that will best suit your decor. Branches look good in almost any color, and can be dyed to contrast as well. If you have a theme in mind, choose a branch that works with it -- a tropical wedding would be nicely accented by bamboo, palm blades or banana stems, while a winter wedding might be the chance to decorate with red dogwood branches and birch painted with white sparkles.

    Floral Ideas

    Incorporate flowering bushes or trees that will be in bloom at the time of the wedding, such as lilac, camellia or cherry. Or display a garland entwined with branches down the center of the tables using fresh or silk flowers. Your garland can be thick and homey for a garden-style decoration, or thin and sophisticated for a more minimalist appeal. Decorate for a beach wedding using sun-bleached driftwood that features tiny blue, white or yellow flowers tucked into its crevices.

    Branches as Accents

    If you want traditional floral wedding centerpieces in glass pots or vases, you may decide to use decorative branches as just one part of your arrangements. There are many options available, such as curly willow, white or natural birch, bamboo, palm or pussy willow, or branches dyed to match your wedding colors. All of these can be arranged as part of a bouquet -- replacing plain foliage such as ferns -- and the branches work well with strong colors such as blue, red and purple.

    Incorporating Decorative Accents

    To create variety in your centerpieces, use other objects like river rock, glass stones, mirrored tiles or candles that match your wedding colors. You might drape branches in elegant crystal garlands or carve candle-sized holders into branches that are big enough. Or, display your branches immersed in tall glass vases full of water as submerged centerpieces. Fill the bottoms of the vases with glass gems to coordinate with your colors and drop in LED tealights for illumination.