Wedding Candy Bar Ideas

    by Janece Bass

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    Janece Bass is a freelance writer specializing in weddings, family, health, parenting, relationships, dating, decorating, travel, music and sports. She has been writing for more than 15 years and has numerous published pieces on various websites and blogs. Bass has also ghostwritten various fiction-based novels.


    Planning a wedding that includes personal touches and innovative ideas is the goal of many couples. One option is a candy bar at the reception; this is an artfully presented candy buffet where guests help themselves to the type and amount of candy they desire. Candy bars can add to the reception decor while providing sweet favors to the guests.


    Presentation is the key to adding a decorative element to your candy bar. Use large jars in various shapes and sizes. Clear glass works well, as it allows the colorful candy to be displayed. Another option, if you have floral centerpieces, is to use vases that match your centerpieces, as long as they are large enough to accommodate a candy scooper. Use plastic stands or wooden platforms covered in cloth that matches the tablecloths to create variation in height. Add full-size chocolate bars or individually wrapped cookies to a platter or tray for additional options. Ribbons in the wedding colors can be tied around the jars, holding stickers or labels that indicate the type of candy inside along with the couple's names or monogram, the date or a simple expression such as "thank you."

    Candy Choices

    Choose a theme for your candy. For example, retro candy will dazzle your guests with sweet treats of yesteryear. These candies will add a burst of color while allowing guests to reminisce and enjoy candy from their childhood. Think rock candy and jelly candies. Another theme idea is to use your wedding colors for inspiration. For example, for a pink and brown wedding, include pink conversation hearts, chocolate malt balls, pink jelly candies, wrapped chocolate caramels and a mixture of pink and brown candy coated chocolates. If you're crafty in the kitchen, you can also make wedding-themed candy shapes from candy melts and molds.

    Fill Them Up

    Keep your guests satiated and make sure your candy bar doesn't end up empty by planning on plenty of candy. For a candy bar, you'll want approximately a pound of candy for every two to three guests. Fill the jars with at least five different kinds of candy to provide plenty of variety and order or make enough candy to make a visually captivating impact instead of relying entirely on the minimum amount your guests will consume. In addition to providing an assortment of small candies for guests to scoop up, feature large lollipops and swizzle sticks that match your colors.

    Finishing Touches

    Small bags or containers should be set up for your guests to fill with candy and take home as favors. You can put stamps, stickers or decals with thank-you messages on paper or plastic bags. A simple "Thank you for sharing our special day" is appropriate, as well as your names or monogram and perhaps the wedding date. Set out ribbons in your wedding colors on a platter or in a shallow bowl so guests can tie their bags closed. Another option is to put out small favor boxes or Chinese take-out containers. Again, add stamps or stickers to make the containers personal. Adding customized wrappers to chocolate bars is another way to personalize your display.
    Floral arrangements that coordinate with your centerpieces can flank the sides of the candy-bar table or you can use one large arrangement at the center of the table. An arrangement of three pillar candles in your wedding colors on a decorative tray is another way to dress up the table, adding more color and aesthetic appeal.