How to Use a Grommet Tool

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    A grommet is a pair of metal rings embedded into fabric or other material that creates a protected hole in the fabric. Tiny grommets, sometimes called eyelets, reinforce a path for laces in skates, shoes and some garments. Large grommets create a path for a curtain or shower rod. For tarps, or leather items, grommets provide a secure place to secure hooks or fasteners. For scrap booking, a grommet is used to provide depth and texture to a page. The grommet tools make the application almost fool-proof.

    Things You'll Need

    • Project requiring grommets
    • Grommet tool set
    • Grommets
    • Ruler or tape measure
    • Self-erasing fabric marking pencil
    • Scissors
    • Small block of wood
    • Hammer

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    Lay out the fabric with the wrong side on the surface. Using a self-erasing fabric marking pencil, draw a line across the fabric indicating the top of the grommet placement. Measure the width of the grommet side and draw another line just below the first, indicating the top of the inside of the grommet. Mark the vertical center of each individual grommet placement with a line perpendicular to the grommet placement lines.

    Insert a wooden block under the fabric at one grommet location. Align the hole punch with the placement line. Center the tool over the center of grommet line and align the top of the tool to the top of the inside of the grommet line. Tap the hammer to the top of the tool, making an indention into the fabric. Thin fabric may be cut by the hole punch but thicker fabric may require further cutting with scissors.

    Use a pair of scissors to snip an "x" in the center of the indention. Carefully cut out the center of the indented circle.

    Separate the grommets pieces into two piles. One has a longer stem around the center opening than the other. This is the right side grommet. There are two tool pieces; the setting tool, which has a long stem and a solid circular base, and the anvil, which is a small circular platform. It is grooved in the middle and holds the grommet in place while the two pieces are attached. Set the long stemmed piece onto the anvil with the stem up. Lay the fabric over this piece with the right side of the fabric toward the table and the stem poking up through the cut hole. Position a shorter flanged piece over the longer flange.

    Fit the setting tool into the grommet hole and hammer lightly. The longer stem will curl back over the shorter stem, holding the two pieces in place.

    • Always work on a stable surface.
    • The grommet tool does not require excess force to do its job, you could damage the grommet flanges with over-hammering.

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