How to Use Double Sided Tape

    by Amy Davidson

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    Double-sided tape is a tool that serves many uses around the house. If you match the type of tape to your application, you can use it for crafts or when decorating your home. It's also great for fashion, helping you keep your garments in place to avoid pesky wardrobe malfunctions.

    Things You'll Need

    • scissors
    • double-sided craft tape
    • double-sided fashion tape
    • double-sided foam mounting tape
    • rubber mallet

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    Double-Sided Craft Tape

    Cut a piece of double-sided tape the length of one of the sides of your photo. Holding your tape taut, place the tape sticky side down along the backside edge of the photo. Repeat to cover all the edges of your photo with the tape. Don't overlap at the corners.

    Peel off the paper backing on each piece of tape to uncover the adhesive. Holding the photo by the edges to avoid touching the adhesive, flip over the photo and position it in your photo book. Use a ruler or flat object to press on the photo to insure that the adhesive sticks uniformly around the edges.

    Press on the photo, using a ruler or flat object to insure that the adhesive sticks uniformly around the edges.

    Double-Sided Fashion Tape

    Cut a piece of tape of an appropriate length for the area of clothing you are adhering to your skin. Make sure the skin is clean and dry. If you are wearing a plunging neckline, for example, and want to insure your top stays in place, this specially formulated double-sided fashion tape leaves no residue behind on you or your clothes.

    Hold the cloth taut and gently place the adhesive tape under the edge of the neckline. Smooth it lightly with your finger.

    Peel off the paper backing to uncover the adhesive. Position the neckline where you want it to stay, and then gently press the tape onto skin. Smooth down the cloth against your skin to securely adhere it.

    Double-Sided Mounting Tape

    For interior decor such as a framed picture, measure the length and width of the object you are mounting. Cut short strips of tape -- about 1 1/2 to 2 inches -- to fill the length and width leaving small gaps between the tape pieces. For example, if you are mounting a picture that is 16 inches by 26 inches, you will want to cut about five 2-inch pieces for your 16-inch edge and seven pieces for your 26-inch edge.

    Peel the paper off one side of the tape and attach your short tape strips around the backside edge of your frame. Leave gaps between the pieces. You’ll want to attach them so that they make a dotted line going around the backside of your frame.

    Peel off the paper backing to uncover the adhesive on all the tape strips. Hold up your frame and position it against a clean wall. Once it's in the desired position, press your frame onto the wall. Using a rubber mallet, gently tap around the frame to secure your decor onto the wall.

    • Before using double-sided tape always read the instructions and warnings carefully.

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