How to Use a Decorative Mesh Ribbon

    by Grace Riley

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    Ribbon is one of the most versatile craft supplies. You can add a ribbon to nearly any project. It is relatively inexpensive and comes in innumerable colors and patterns. Figuring out what to do with surplus ribbon leftover from other projects can be mind-boggling. After all, you can tie ribbon to virtually anything. However, there are several projects that benefit best from the addition of this lustrous embellishment.

    Things You'll Need

    • Mesh ribbon
    • Scissors
    • Pre-made, undecorated wreath
    • Household objects to-be-decorated (picture frames, candles)
    • Hot glue gun
    • Metal barrettes
    • Stationery

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    Adorn wrapped gifts with it. Although using mesh ribbon to wrap gifts is not a new idea, you can create new ways to present it. Wrap gifts in something that will contrast significantly with the ribbon. You can start with something like newsprint, which has a dull, semi-opaque, black and white aesthetic. The addition of gleaming, colorful ribbon would make both elements visually pop. Wrap a present in basic brown shipping paper (or a spare grocery bag), tie on the mesh ribbon, then decorate with markers, paints or stamps around the ribbon, in colors that coordinate with the bow.

    Decorate a wreath with the ribbon. You can add one bow as an accent to an otherwise full wreath, or make the entire wreath of mesh ribbon bows. Wrap the ribbon around the base wreath itself, or tie the bows, and hot glue them to the wreath. Since the ribbon is semi-opaque, it layers well, making a wreath that is comprised entirely of mesh bows dynamic and eye-catching no matter what the size or placement in the home.

    Tie the ribbon to decorative home objects. Embellish a candle with a bow, or decorate a glass votive with the ribbon for a lasting luminary accent that can be used again. Apply the ribbon to pillows as a decorative feature, or make an entire pillow of woven mesh ribbon. A bow embellishment can also add pizazz to an ordinary picture frame when wrapped around it. Mesh ribbon is a perfect foundation for holiday decorating, useful in creating mantle pieces, table runners, napkin rings, or banister decorations.

    Use the ribbon to create hair bows and headbands. Make bows with the ribbon, and hot glue them to metal barrettes. Add additional smaller bows in the middle, flowers, feathers or gemstones for an extra touch. Similarly, apply the ribbon to a basic headband. Glue one end of the ribbon on the underside of the band, then wrap the ribbon around the headband to the other end, securing it in place with another drop of glue. Add a bow and other embellishments, if desired.

    Apply ribbon to stationery. Use narrow mesh ribbon to detail stationery. Use a small amount of glue to run ribbon around a card or invitation. Make sure you keep the embellishment as flat as possible, so the card still fits nicely into the envelope. Instead of a bow, use the ribbon to tie a low-profile knot, or simply cut the ends in a decorative fashion.

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