How to Use Cricut Expression

    by Wendy Vincent

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    Wendy Vincent is a freelance writer who has been writing professionally since 1998. She is a regular contributor to "Renaissance Magazine" and writes for several online travel publications. Vincent has a Bachelor of Arts in communications from the University of Hartford and a Master of Arts in liberal studies from Albertus Magnus College.


    The Cricut Expression machine is a personal paper cutting tool. It can cut shapes, letters and phrases as small as 1/4 inch up to 12 inches by 24 inches. Used to create a variety of projects including scrapbook layouts, classroom decor, signs and window decals, the Cricut Expression uses all the same cartridges as other Cricut models. The large Cricut Expression machines are just as easy to use as the smaller models.

    Things You'll Need

    • Table
    • Cricut Expression machine
    • Keypad overlay
    • Cartridge
    • Cutting mat
    • Paper

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    Place the Cricut Expression on a sturdy work table. Ensure that the machine is a minimum of 12 inches away from the edge of the table to prevent tipping. Leave enough room behind the machine to allow the mat to feed out the back.

    Open the lid and remove all the cardboard inserts. Loosen the screw to insert the green blade assembly into the cradle. Face the black arrow toward you and tighten the screw.

    Insert the power supply cord into the back of the machine. Plug in the machine.

    Lift the display on the left-hand side. Position the keyboard overlay on the right-hand side.

    Insert cartridge of choice into the cartridge slot. Refer to the manual for the location of this slot on your machine. Turn the machine on.

    Remove the protective plastic covering from the cutting mat. Place the paper to be cut on the mat. Gently press the mat against the roller bar and press the load paper button.

    Select size using the numbers on the size dial. Adjust pressure setting depending on thickness of paper. Refer to the manual for the proper settings for paper thicknesses.

    Choose desired characters, phrases or shapes and press the cut button.

    Press the unload paper button when the machine is finished. Lift shapes gently off the cutting mat.

    • Always refer to the owner's manual for proper care and usage of the Cricut Expression machine.