How to Tie a Slip Knot

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    A slip knot is a type of running knot, a category for any knot that can slip around the rope and tighten with a pull of one end. Often used to secure objects, the slip knot provides versatility because one hand can easily tie it while a tug of one end will easily undo it. Tying the knot carelessly leaves it vulnerable to losing its grip on the item it's meant to secure, so work carefully.

    Things You'll Need

    • Rope

    Lay the rope flat and bring the two ends around and into the middle, laying them parallel to each other and perpendicular to the center of the rope. One loop has now formed on each side.

    Decide which side of the knot slips because this determines how you tie the slip knot and the angle from which you will be able to use it. If you choose the right side, fold the right-hand loop towards the center and pass it through the left loop. If you choose the left side, fold the left-hand loop towards the center and pass it through the right loop.

    Pull on the loop that you have chosen as the slip. With your other hand, steadily cinch the knot around the loop.

    Wrap the loop around the object to be secured and pull the main length of the rope to tighten it.

    • Use a slip knot in a variety of situations: to tie the ends of a rope necklace strung with beads, secure rock climbing gear to an anchor or tie-off point and when fishing or sailing. When rock climbing ask your climbing instructor to evaluate how well you tie a slip knot before you use it on a serious climb.
    • Do not use the slip knot to tie an anchor or belay.