How to Tie Love Knots

    by Kristy Robinson

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    Love knots are also known by many names including reef knots, granny knots, and square knots. Histories of the knot are linked to Celtic and Arabic cultures where young lovers used to send secret messages to each other by knotting rugs and other fibers in a particular manner. The knot was thought to symbolize the inseparable joining of two hearts. The knots have been used in jewelry, crochet and as a teaching tool for forming more complicated knots.

    Things You'll Need

    • 2 ropes or strings

    Lie the two ropes (or strings) parallel to each other.

    Cross one rope over top of the other then tuck it back under. At this point you should have one simple twist of the two ropes.

    Take the bottom rope and bring it over the top of the twist. The two ropes should now resemble a U shape with a twist across the bottom.

    Fold the two ends towards each other and repeat Steps 1 and 2. This forms the square knot, which is the most commonly used form of love knots.

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