How to Tie a Clove Hitch Knot

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    A clove hitch knot is a good choice when you need to hold something firmly in the center of a knotted project. A clove hitch is an adjustable knot that is often used in macrame. When making a wall hanging or other item that incorporates a wooden dowel or a branch, a series of clove hitch knots can keep the piece in place, allowing the knotting to continue above and below the piece.

    Things You'll Need

    • Cord
    • Dowel

    Loop the cord around the dowel or other object you're tying to. Hold an end in each hand.

    Cross the end in your right hand over the end in your left hand, forming an "X" with your hands holding the pieces at the top of the "X."

    Wrap the end in your right hand around behind the object again in the same direction as before, leaving the wrap loose. When you bring it back around to the front, poke the end under the piece of rope that you just wrapped around.

    • The clove hitch has variants including the constrictor knot, boa knot and clove loop.