How to Tie an Adjustable Knot Cord

    by Contributing Writer

    An adjustable knot is typically used when making jewelry out of hemp, leather or satin cord. The two-knot closure technique is handy form making a piece of jewelry adjustable in length. Use an adjustable-knot on bracelets, chokers or anklets where you want to avoid the fussiness of separate closure hardware.

    Things You'll Need

    • Cord necklace in process
    • Clothespin (optional)

    Gather the two ends of the necklace together and overlap them, making the cord two-strands thick. Use a clothespin to hold this in place if you desire.

    Working with one end of the cord, wrap the end of the cord around the necklace cord twice loosely.

    Pass the end of the cord through the double wrapping. Adjust and pull tightly. Try to leave a minimal amount of tail or loose end of cording. It can be trimmed off, but then you lose some of the length of necklace in the process. The loose end of the cord should be pointing towards the decorative element piece of your necklace.

    Follow Steps 2 and 3 on the other end of the cord. If used, remove the clothespin when finished.

    The necklace length is now adjustable and the knots are sturdy.

    • If you are working with a silk cord that easily unravels, try dipping the ends of the cord in white glue and allow them to completely dry before creating a necklace. When using leather or leather like material, you may find it easier to cut the cord at an angle rather than bluntly.