How to Thread Singer Sergers

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    Singer sergers are valuable tools in the sewing room, making it easy to finish seams, sew knit, or create rolled hems. However, sergers are notoriously difficult to thread. You must feed three to five threads through the correct path in the correct order for your Singer serger to sew properly. Once you get the hang of threading your Singer, you'll be able to change threads and troubleshoot threading problems with ease.

    Things You'll Need

    • Three to four cones of serger thread
    • Hemostats or long tweezers
    • Needle threader
    • Floss threader (from the toothpaste aisle at the drugstore)

    How to Thread Singer Sergers

    Place cones of serger thread onto your Singer serger. You should have a cone of thread for each threading path. Slide each thread under the upper threading bracket.

    Look at your Singer serger. You will note that the threading paths are color coded. Different Singer sergers use different color coding, so you will need to observe which color is used for each needle and looper on your Singer serger.

    Start with the upper looper. On most Singer sergers, this will be the third cone of thread. Follow the color-coded path, being sure that the thread snaps snugly between the tension disks. A floss threader can help you to thread the upper looper, and you can use hemostats or long tweezers if needed to pull the thread through. Once the threading is complete, pull the thread behind the needles and to the left.

    Thread the lower looper, following the marked path. While a threader and hemostats are handy for the upper looper, they are essential for the lower looper on many Singer sergers.

    Thread the first needle, placing the thread into the marked path, between the internal tension disks, through the thread guides and into the needle. Use a needle threader if necessary. If you are working with a four-thread serger, repeat this step for the right-hand needle.

    • See Resources for a link to Singer manuals. Your Singer serger manual can help you correctly thread your serger.

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