Things Made Out of PVC Pipe

    by Sue Stepp

    About the Author

    Sue Stepp is an artist, teacher, writer and farmer. She has won awards for her artwork in drawing, painting, jewelry design and doll-making. Stepp has taught classes for over 19 years in public schools, private classes, recreation centers, churches and at Hobby Lobby. She has a Bachelor of Arts in studio art/education.


    People put polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe to many uses. Because you can easily cut PVC pipe with a hacksaw and put it together with PVC cement glue, you can make items ranging from outdoor lawn furniture to small craft projects out of this versatile pipe. Making necessary items out of PVC pipe saves money and creates unique items for a person’s home or as gifts.

    No Glue Projects

    Some PVC projects require you to cut -- but not glue -- the pipe. Simple, no glue projects using PVC pipe include extension cord holders and saw blade holders. Outdoor glue-free projects include tomato stakes, patio umbrella stands, deer feeders and vole traps. People even make wind chimes and flutes out of PVC pipe. These projects require drilling holes into the pipe. The flute requires careful measuring and drilling in order for the the notes to play correctly.

    Glued Projects

    Some items, such as PVC green houses, chicken coops and furniture, require careful cutting and gluing. You can easily make outdoor yard furniture with PVC pipe, and it lasts for years. Moreover, there is an endless variety of household items you can make from PVC pipe. It includes things like towel racks, magazine racks, wine racks, toys, stilts, chicken feeders and many more.