Things to Do With Beer Bottle Caps

    by Jessica Reed

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    How many times have you thrown a beer bottle cap into the garbage? While they may not seem like much at first, bottle caps are a handy material for craft projects. You can leave the beer maker's logos in tact, or paint the caps in any color of your choice before using them for crafts. There are several uses for beer bottle caps, from homemade jewelry to decorations, but the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


    Turn a single cap into a trinket or tiny photo frame. Use a dab of glue to attach a circular picture or decorative item inside the beer cap and coat it with a clear craft spray or liquid varnish to protect the item.


    Drill a hole in each side of the rim of the beer bottle cap. Take clear plastic string and thread it through these holes, underneath the top of the bottle cap. Tie the ends together and you've created a bracelet.


    Drill a hole in the rim of the bottle cap above the logo. Take the hook from an earring and slide one end through the hole, bending the wire up so the bottle cap doesn't slide off. Leave the end of the hook that goes in your ear intact, and wear your earrings around.


    Take a plain plastic or leather belt and glue the bottle caps onto the front of it to add style. Alternatively, link bottle caps together like you did for the bracelet, but use enough caps to fit around your waist.


    Glue beer bottle caps around the edges of mirrors, picture frames, or even tables to add a decorative touch. If you make a clay project, such as a stepping stone or table top, press bottle caps into the clay instead of mosaic tiles.