Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Make a Paper Boat

    by Amy Dombrower

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    Using the Japanese techniques of paper folding, known as Origami, you can make a simple paper boat. Both kids and adults can make their own boats using just one piece of rectangular paper. Paper boats will even float in the water for an engaging water activity. While there are many paper boat models to choose from, start with the classic Origami boat.

    Things You'll Need

    • Sheet of rectangular paper

    Lay the piece of paper vertically on a flat work surface with the short sides at the top and bottom. If the paper has a colored side, place the colored side up.

    Fold the paper in half from left edge to right edge, forming a vertical center crease. Unfold the paper.

    Fold the paper in half from top edge to bottom edge, creasing well.

    Fold the top two corners of the paper down to meet the center crease. The resulting shape is two triangles with a thin strip below.

    Fold the top layer of the bottom strip up along the edge of the triangles. Do the same on the other side, folding the bottom layer to the back.

    Open the sides of the model and flatten, using the existing center crease. You now have a square shape. If the flaps you just folded are sticking up, fold one of the strips under the other.

    Fold the top layer up, so the bottom corner meets the top corner. Repeat the same process on the other side. You now have a multi-layered triangle shape.

    Open the sides of the model at the bottom of the triangle. Flatten along the center crease, forming another small square.

    Pull apart the layers at the top corner.

    Flatten each side outwards, forming a trapezoid shape on each side. Crease all the folds, and open the model slightly.

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