Simple Duct Tape Crafts

    by Dawna Theo

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    Duct tape, a heavy-duty tape invented to seal ducts and vents, has become popular in craft projects. Duct tape's particular combination of strength and flexibility allows it to be made into just about anything, including purses, wallets and even prom dresses. Some duct tape projects are very detailed, allowing crafty people to show off their skills, while others are simple enough for even young crafters to accomplish and enjoy. Duct tape comes in a variety of colors and patterns, not just silver, to spice up any creation.

    Duct Tape Tote Bag

    A duct tape tote bag is versatile and customizable. This strong, waterproof bag can go with you to school, the beach or the pool. Two large pieces of duct tape cloth are needed to make a tote bag. To make duct tape cloth, layer strips of tape, sticky-side up, with the edges slightly overlapping, in a row. Repeat this process, this time placing the tape sticky-side down against the first layer, to finish the piece of cloth. To make the cloth look striped, alternate colors of tape. For your tote bag, make the cloth eight strips of tape wide, and 16 inches long. Make another piece of cloth for the front side and connect the two pieces with more duct tape. Duct tape handles and decorations personalize the project.

    Duct Tape Picture Frame

    Duct tape pictures frames are one of the easiest duct tape projects to make. The width of the duct tape makes a perfect frame. Make the frame any size you want by tearing strips of duct tape. To fit a 3 x 5 photo, you'll need two duct tape strips that measures 3 3/4 inches and two that measures 9 1/2 inches. Cover the sticky sides of these with more duct tape, and tape them together with small strips. Your photo can be taped into the frame opening, and the duct tape decorated with stickers. To hang it on the refrigerator, add a magnetic strip on the back.

    Duct Tape Book Mark

    This simple duct tape bookmark is a quick and easy project, but useful and fun to personalize. Simply cut two pieces of duct tape to five or six inches in length and stick them together. Shape it up like a bookmark by trimming or rounding off the two top corners. Punch a hole in the center of the top and thread a cute ribbon or string through the top. Decorate with stickers or permanent marker.