How to Sew Slipcovers

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    Once you've fitted your furniture with a muslin mock-up, the mock-up can be disassembled and the pieces used as your slipcover pattern. The muslin pieces can then be stored away and used to make additional slipcovers later.

    Things You'll Need

    • Slipcover fabric
    • Muslin slipcover patterns
    • Straight pins
    • Scissors
    • Fabric-marking pencil
    • Iron
    • Serger
    • Sewing machine
    • Thread

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    Prelaunder the home decorator fabric and iron it if necessary.

    Lay out the fabric wrong side up on a flat work surface. If the fabric has a design that needs to be centered onto the pattern pieces, lay the fabric right side up.

    Place the pattern pieces on the fabric so that the lengthwise grain marked on each pattern piece lines up with the lengthwise grain of the fabric. Place the pieces as close together as possible to avoid wasting fabric.

    Make sure that any large designs are centered on the pattern pieces. Arrange the pieces for adjoining sections so that any stripes in the pattern will match up when the sections are joined.

    Pin the pieces to the fabric and cut around each pinned pattern piece. Use a fabric marking pen to identify each fabric piece and label each piece as to top, bottom and sides.

    Note the seam allowance and join the inside back, side back and outside back sections together to form the back section. Leave 3/4 of one side seam open where the inside and outside back pieces meet for zipper insertion.

    Sew all arm pieces together to form the arm section. Sew the seat piece and front panel together to form the seat section.

    Sew each arm section to the back section first. Sew the seat section to the arm section and then to the back section.

    Finish and turn under any edges at the bottom of the slipcover that will not be tacked underneath the furniture or joined to the skirt.

    Add a slipcover skirt at this point.

    Insert a zipper at the chosen side seam or seams.

    • Use a serger to finish the edges of each slipcover piece before you stitch.
    • Use welt cording, inserted between the seams, to make the slipcover seams stronger and to give the slipcover a more professional look.