How to Sew Nylon Webbing

    by Kathryn Hatter

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    When making a project with nylon webbing, it is often necessary to sew layers together. Because nylon webbing is a stiff and thick material, sewing two layers may be a challenge. It is possible to machine stitch nylon webbing on many home sewing machines if you use a heavy duty needle and upholstery thread.

    Things You'll Need

    • Sewing Machine
    • Machine-sewing needle
    • Hand-sewing needle
    • 100% nylon upholstery thread
    • Scissors
    • Thimble
    • Pliers

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    Sewing by Machine

    Place the recommended sewing machine needle into the sewing machine and thread the machine with the upholstery thread. Use a bobbin wound with upholstery thread. Sew a few test seams and adjust the needle tension as required. Adjust the tension following the sewing machine manufacturer's instructions.

    Hold the layers of webbing together with paper or binder clips. Place the layers under the sewing machine needle and start sewing slowly. Make sure that the machine is handling the heavy duty layers of webbing; do not let the motor labor, or the needle to stall. Re-start the seam with more power if this happens.

    Sew the stitches with an even speed. Finish the stitching and remove the webbing from the sewing machine. Clip the thread ends.

    Sewing by Hand

    Thread a size-18 hand sewing needle with an 18-inch length of upholstery thread. Pull the thread so that it is doubled and knot the ends.

    Place the nylon-webbing pieces together and insert the needle from the underside to the top surface, through both layers of webbing along one edge. Pull the thread all the way through the webbing. Insert the needle from the bottom to the top 1/16 of an inch to the right of the previous stitch.

    Sew with this whip stitch along both edges of the nylon webbing. Cut the double thread 3 inches from the end of the sewing and tie the threads together with a square knot to secure the sewing. Trim the excess threads.

    • Use a thimble and pliers to pull the hand needle through the nylon webbing for easier sewing.
    • Add strength to the sewing by sewing a large X between the two stitching lines.
    • Be very careful when machine stitching nylon webbing. If the sewing machine is not powerful enough, it is possible to burn the motor out.