How to Sew a Hidden Pocket in a Jacket

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    The ability to stash something small in a hidden pocket can come in handy. If you're traveling, you'll want to be careful with important items, such as your travelers checks, cash and passport. By sewing a hidden pocket or two into a jacket, you can have convenient access to items without the threat of losing them or having them stolen.

    Things You'll Need

    • Cardboard
    • Pencil
    • Ruler
    • Scissors
    • Fabric
    • Needle
    • Thread

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    Draw a pocket template out of cardboard in the size you desire for the pocket. Use care with the size -- if it's too large, the pocket may be obvious from the outside of the jacket.

    Add 1/2 inch to the dimensions of the template and draw the larger pocket outline. This will enable you to hem the edges of the pocket before sewing it to the inside of the jacket. Cut out the template.

    Trace around the pocket template onto a scrap of durable fabric such as denim or lighter cotton. Cut out the pocket shape from the fabric.

    Turn under the raw edges of the fabric 1/4 inch and press the edges with the iron. Turn under the edges another 1/4 inch and press again. Stitch around the four edges of the pocket to hem the edges.

    Turn the jacket inside out. Sew the pocket to the inside of your jacket in overcast stitches along the right edge, the bottom and the left edge in an accessible spot that isn't too obvious. Keep the stitches close together to avoid holes in which small objects could fall through.

    • Stitch the pocket to the jacket using a sewing machine also. Stitch down the right edge, across the bottom and up the left edge.
    • Use a thread color that matches your jacket to keep the stitches inconspicuous.