How to Sew a Cinderella Dress

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    Many girls have imagined themselves as Cinderella at some point in their lives. The popular Disney character swept millions of people up into her story of love and hope, and many of us hold dear memories of pretending to be in her place. The iconic transformation scene of a poor servant girl into a ballroom noblewoman can be reenacted in your own home through a different kind of magic, that of the needle and thread. Whether you wish to make a dress for a little girl or for an adult woman, follow these guidelines for sewing your own Cinderella dress.

    Things You'll Need

    • Pattern
    • Muslin
    • Sewing machine and supplies
    • Light or sky blue fabric
    • White fabric
    • Notions

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    Determine whether you are making the Cinderella dress for a child or an adult. Several different pattern companies make Cinderella costume dresses in both child and adult sizes. Check online or visit your local fabric store and look for a pattern that matches both the desired size and your skills.

    Make a full muslin mock-up of the dress to test out the fit and proportions, and to practice executing the patterns. To properly follow the pattern instructions, make sure that you first measure the person the dress is for and cut out the pattern piece sizes that most closely match. Constantly reassess the fit as you make the mock-up, so that you can account for body shape differences not addressed by commercial pattern sizes. This will be especially important in the adult woman's dress, as Victorian dresses were very closely fitted to bodies.

    Following the fabric suggestions on the pattern, purchase enough blue and white fabric to make the real dress. To color-match with the dress in the Disney movie, use screen captures instead of the promotional material, as the colors used in today's Disney Princess merchandise are not the same as those in the original movie.

    Test the muslin mock-up on the body one last time and make all adjustments. Then take the pieces apart by tearing out the seams. These pieces are your fitted pattern if you have made many adjustments to the original pattern. If not, use the original pieces.


    Practice stitching on scraps of the new fabric, to see what technique or needle changes need to be made after working on the easy muslin.

    Recreate the Cinderella dress in the new blue and white fabric, taking care to neatly execute each part of the pattern. Pay special attention to any areas of trouble you encountered with the muslin mock-up.

    Buy accessories to match the dress, based on the movie screen captures. Find a black choker, white evening gloves, a blue headband and your choice of "glass" shoes.

    • You can find accessories for girls and women in costume shops.

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