How to Sew a Backpack From Old Jeans

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    With an old pair of blue jeans, you can make a backpack for yourself and do very little sewing. A nice feature of the jeans backpack is that it already comes with pockets for your cell phone, bus pass and other things you want to keep handy. The size of the blue jeans determines the size of the backpack -- children's jeans for a small bag or ample adult-size jeans for a large, roomy bag.

    Things You'll Need

    • Scissors
    • Sewing machine
    • Thread
    • Straight pins
    • Old bandana or necktie

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    Cut the legs off of a pair of jeans 2 inches below the crotch. Measure so that the jeans are the same length on both sides.

    Measure two long strips from the legs of the jeans. These will be the straps. The strips should be the width you want doubled, plus 1 inch for a seam allowance. Cut out each piece. Fold each strip wrong side together. Sew 1/2-inch seam, and then turn it right-side out.

    Turn the jeans wrong-side out. Slip one end of each strap down through the jeans and match the raw edge of the strap with the raw edge on the outer seam of the leg opening. Pin the straps in place, and then stitch across the bottom to capture the strap end and close the leg openings. Remember to backstitch. For reinforcement, stitch the seam again 1/8 inch outside the first seam. Pull the backpack and straps right-side out. Use a straight pin to gently ease out the corners.

    Pin the loose end of each strap on the inside of the jeans waistband. Fit the backpack on your shoulders. Adjust the length of the strap, if necessary. Sew it in place with two rows of stitching.

    Thread an old bandana or an old necktie through the belt loops to make the drawstring closure. Purchase decorative cording as an alternative.

    • To personalize your backpack, add patches, embroider your name on it, or paint it with fabric paints.