How to Sew a Baby Shopping Cart Cover

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    Grocery carts make it easy to tote your little one and all of your groceries around the store. However, germs that can appear on grocery carts are definitely something you don’t want your baby exposed to. In addition, riding in the hard, metal grocery cart can’t be too comfortable. You can solve both of these problems when you sew a baby shopping cart cover. Simply slide it in the grocery cart for your child to sit on and you provide a soft germ barrier that you and your child will love.

    Things You'll Need

    • Tape measure
    • Printer
    • Paper bag
    • Pen
    • Scissors
    • Fleece fabric
    • Sewing machine
    • Large safety pins

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    Measure the dimensions in the grocery cart you use most frequently. Print an online template (see Resources) so you know which measurements you need. In addition, note where in the seat back the safety straps are so you can include them in your pattern.

    Make a sewing pattern using the measurements you determined. Unfold a grocery store paper bag, and attach two pieces of paper to the middle of the sides to make the pattern large enough. Your paper should be 28 inches by 42 inches so the entire pattern will fit.

    Draw your pattern onto your paper bag according to your original measurements. Cut out your pattern.

    Pin your pattern to your fleece fabric, and then cut out the fleece according to the pattern you created.

    Cut out the leg holes according to your pattern.

    Create 1 1/2-inch button holes in the area where the grocery cart buckle will slide through the cover. This allows your child to remain securely fastened to the cart as you use it, which is an important safety feature.

    Sew the sides of your baby shopping cart cover to the seat back and to the seat front, creating a fitted compartment that will fit inside the shopping cart. Leave the side extensions, the back extension and the handle extension free because they will dangle over the cart.

    Place your baby shopping cart cover inside the grocery cart when you need to use it. Secure the handle extension and the back extension to the grocery cart using large safety pins.

    • When using fleece there is no need to hem your raw edges. If you choose to use a woven fabric, be sure to hem all the raw edges to prevent raveling.
    • Add one or two toys to the seat front to help keep your child entertained while you shop. You can secure just about any toy to your baby shopping cart cover by attaching it to a piece of ribbon, leather or even a shoestring that you can secure to the cover. For safety reasons, you should not use a string longer than 6 inches.
    • Launder your seat cover regularly.

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