Scary Homemade Halloween Yard Props

    by Johanna Miller

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    Scary Halloween decorations can be made from a few simple items, most of which you may already have around your home. Transform your yard into a spooky graveyard. Decorate your yard with homemade tombstones and monsters. Drape kite string in the trees to look like spider webs. Surround the area with a string of outdoor orange lights and turn on the fog machine for added Halloween fun.

    Things You'll Need

    • Empty coffee can
    • Dowel rod
    • Black trash bag
    • Scary mask
    • Styrofoam sheets
    • Knife
    • Black spray paint
    • Gray spray paint
    • Hammer
    • Nail
    • Kite string

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    Cut tombstone shapes from styrofoam sheets. An electric or serated knife easily cuts styrofoam. You can design your tombstone as simple or intricate as you like. A basic oval with a flat bottom works well.

    Etch spooky funny sayings into the styrofoam tombstone, such as, "I told you I was sick," "Free worm food," "Frank N. Stein," or "Ima Goner."

    Spray paint the tombstones with gray paint. Let dry completely. Spray paint the edges and outline of the words with the black spray paint. You can also add cracks throughout the tombstone for an aged look.

    Insert two dowel rods, approximately six inches long, into the bottom of the styrofoam. Use the dowel rods to secure the tombstone into the ground.


    Insert a wooden dowel rod into the bottom of an empty coffee can. Place a four foot dowel rod inside the center of the can and use a nail to secure it to the wooden dowel rod.

    Cover the coffee can with a black trash bag. Cut the bottom of the trash bag in a jagged pattern. Tie a string tightly around the trash bag to secure it to the dowel rod.

    Place a spooky monster mask over the coffee can. Insert the dowel rod into the ground. Your monster will appear to be coming out of the ground.

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