How to Remove Label Glue From Glass Bottles

    by Deborah Waltenburg

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    You can find glass bottles suitable for crafting and decorating right on the grocery store shelf. But before starting most craft projects that utilize a recycled bottle, you'll need to remove the bottle label and the stubborn adhesive beneath it. Depending upon the type of glue used, you might need to repeat a few of the steps involved. Basically, a long overnight soak in water, followed by the application of an adhesive remover will leave your bottle sparkling clean and ready to be repurposed into something new.

    Things You'll Need

    • Hot water
    • Dish detergent
    • Scraper
    • Adhesive remover

    Wash any remaining food residue out of the bottle with hot, soapy water, discarding the water after use.

    Draw a sink full of hot, clean water and submerge your bottle to soak overnight. This will loosen the label and soften the adhesive.

    Remove the label. It should readily lift up and off without leaving too many scraps behind. Or, it may have fallen off already.

    Use the scraper to remove the remaining adhesive, which should be softened up enough after soaking. At this point, the glue should remove easily without applying much elbow grease. Continue this process until the bottle is free of residue.

    Rinse the bottle thoroughly and allow it to dry. If there is any remaining residue, apply adhesive remover per the instructions on the packaging. Use the scraper to remove the last of the glue. Rewash the bottle in hot, soapy water.

    • Scrub stubborn glue residue gently with a steel wool pad. Refrain from pressing too hard with the steel wool as it might leave scratches behind on the glass.
    • Don't wash dishes in the same water that contains any of the adhesive remover.