The Red, White and Black Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

    by Nadia Nygaard

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    A black, white and red wedding theme is elegant and lends itself to a wide variety of decorating ideas. Incorporate those colors into the centerpieces at guest and bridal tables in several ways. Use elaborate floral arrangements, glass marbles in the wedding colors, candles and more to decorate the tables.

    Floral Centerpieces

    It's difficult and expensive to obtain true black flowers for centerpieces. Most flowers considered "black" are really very dark reds, such as the Baccara Rose and the Magic Rose. Instead, use white flowers, such as roses, lilies or orchids and red flowers such as roses, tulips or anthuriums in the main arrangement and accent with black. Use black vases to hold the flowers, or tie black ribbons around the arrangements. Use black floral picks can to accent the flowers. Try acrylic berries, feathers or black-dyed jute or branches set among the flowers.

    Vases and Glass Beads

    Clear glass vases partially filled with red, black and frosted glass beads, also called glass gems, are a striking centerpiece idea. The glass beads reflect the light in high-intensity light situations and glimmer when the lights are turned down low. Arrange the beads in a number of ways, whether mixed randomly in the vase or layered in a striped pattern. For extra sparkle, rim your glass vase with glue, and dip the rim into white, black or red glitter.


    Not all reception locations allow the use of candles, but for those that do, there are few more dramatic centerpieces than a display of candles. Begin with a tray to set your candles on. You can find flat round or square mirrors, silver trays or black dishes or rectangular trays at craft stores. Arrange white candles decorated with red ribbon at the base or red candles with black and white ribbon at the base in the trays. For more visual impact, use a range of candle heights, with short, medium and tall candles in the arrangement.


    For an even more individualized centerpiece, print enough black and white pictures of the wedding couple so that each table has five to six different images. Print a variety of sizes, from wallet to 5 inches by 7 inches, and frame the photos in black, white and red frames. Try to print a mixture of images of the couple together and also images of them separately, including baby and childhood photos, if possible. Group the pictures in a casual circle, facing the pictures toward the guests.

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