Red & Black Wedding Decor Ideas

    by Patricia Hill

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    If you're thinking about using red and black as the colors for your wedding, you're ready and willing to make a statement of passion and elegance. Red and black, when used properly, illustrate effortless sophistication and style. There are several ideas for using red and black to make your wedding a classic, cherished memory.

    Candles, Tulle and Satin

    Whether the wedding location is at a church, chapel, country club or other building, you may want to consider options for alcove decorations. Depending on the size of the alcove, red pillar candles on bases covered with glass globes atop black silk or satin runners are simple decorations you can dress up further with satin ribbons and bows. Black and red tulle is a romantic accessory, twisted together or arranged loosely and draped the length of the alcove's ledge. For a brighter appearance, switch the colors, using red runners and black candles.


    Decorate tables using black and white tablecloths, layered so white is the primary color on top to liven up the decor. Place mirror bases in the center of each table with a glass globe on top of each mirror. Use tapered white candles anchored with 2 or 3 inches of red or black marbles inside the globe. Use tulle and satin ribbon to make bows for each table; you can attach these to chair backs or arrange the bows down the length of the table. Set a red or black place mat at each place setting with dinnerware in the other color. Add a little shimmer to the event by using sparkling tablecloths or place mats or sprinkle a little metallic confetti down each table's center.


    Choose from a wide variety of flowers available in red to suit your preferences. Roses, carnations, peonies and lilies are a few. Consider opting for single cuts, as red bouquets could be overwhelming, depending on the color used for bridesmaids' dresses. Be sure to steer clear of black arrangements, although red roses with black tips would be fine. Satin bows using ribbons and streamers attached to the flowers will soften the expression and add a hint of gracefulness. Additionally, you may wish to use a strand or two of white beaded satin ribbon in combination with the ribbons and streamers attached to the flowers. Use a sparing amount of baby's breath to soften and provide width to bouquets and arrangements.

    "Renovated" Tree Limbs

    Locate sturdy tree limbs that are approximately 3 to 5 feet in height. Wipe away any debris with a cloth and spray paint each limb either red or black using glossy paint. Allow the paint to dry completely and secure with rocks, gravel and sand into plant stands. String with clear lights and hang colored balls or ornaments in the opposite color from painted limbs. Place these "trees" in empty areas to fill space and to continue the red and black color theme. Instead of single large tree limbs, you can spray paint a collection of smaller branches and large twigs and gather a bunch together in each plant stand or vase.


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