How to Put Grommets on Fabric

    by Mandi Rogier

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    When you need a secure hole in fabric, metal grommets ensure that the hole stays uniform and secure. These reinforced holes work well for installing a hammock or a tent, creating holes for a corset-style top or dress or other decorations. For the most effective grommet to add strength and security to the fabric, install the grommet carefully using a grommet tool.

    Things You'll Need

    • Fabric
    • Pencil
    • Scissors
    • Manual grommet setter
    • Hammer

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    Putting Grommets on Fabric

    Lay your fabric flat and mark the placement needed for your grommets with the pencil. Consider the size of the grommet as you plan the spacing of the grommets.

    Cut a small hole into the fabric at each pencil mark. Make the hole large enough to insert the grommet snugly through the fabric. The grommet will conceal rough edges, so the opening doesn't need to be perfect.

    Insert the first half of the grommet -- the half minus teeth -- through the hole. Insert this grommet through the fabric so the front is visible on the front side of the fabric.

    Position the shorter half of the manual grommet setter beneath the grommet in the fabric. For best results, work on concrete or a similar surface that can withstand the force of hammering.

    Place the top half of the grommet onto the projecting end of the first half of the grommet. This side of the grommet has small teeth that will grab onto the fabric.

    Place the larger, top end of the grommet setter on top of the grommet. Using your hammer, pound the grommet setter until you secure the grommet in the fabric.

    • Carefully measure your selected grommets before you begin to install them. Make sure that any rope or string you will be passing through the grommet will fit through the center opening of the grommet easily.