Puff Paint Ideas

    by Carolyn Simpkins

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    Puff paint is a three-dimensional paint often used to decorate clothing and scrapbooks. Available in a rainbow of colors, including glitter and metallic colors, puff paint is extremely versatile. You can find it at any craft store. Puff paint is useful both for decoration and for creating tactile surfaces. Want to go beyond painting a T-shirt with puff paint? You can use it for tactile enjoyment, traditional holiday decorations, and then make a pair of non-skid slippers for comfort at home.

    Non-Skid Slippers

    Wearing thick slipper socks during winter is a favorite way to keep your feet warm. Add puff paint to a cozy pair of socks for a non-slip surface to stop feet from sliding across the floor. These make great Christmas or holiday gifts. For this project, you'll need a pair of thick socks, cardboard, and puff paints in contrasting colors. Slip a rectangle of cardboard in each sock so that the sole is flat. The cardboard will provide a working surface as well as keep the paint from sticking to the other side of the sock. Decorate the sole with patterns with the puff paint. Decorations such as dots, swirls and wavy stripes will provide excellent skid prevention. Let the paint dry before you wear the slippers.

    Tactile ABC Flash Cards

    From Fascinate-Educate.com, a website that recommends projects for teachers, here is a project that uses the tactile properties of puff paint in an easy craft for kids. You will need index cards and puff paint. Print each letter from the alphabet on the card, both lower-case and upper-case. After that, paint over each letter with puff paint, leaving it thick and raised. Let it dry, and use these tactile flash cards to teach your child the shape of letters. These flash cards for kids will help reinforce your alphabet lessons through touch as well as sight. As your child grows more proficient with reading, make more cards with single letters and use these cards to spell out new and unfamiliar words.

    Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls

    In Mexico, Day of the Dead celebrates loved ones who have passed on. Sugar skulls are a traditional decoration and confection for this celebration, molded from sugar and decorated with brightly colored frosting. At Cut Out + Keep's website, Nix Sidhe provides instruction for how to make a sugar skull from puff paints. These would make an excellent decoration for a Halloween or Day of the Dead party, and they will last forever rather than a few weeks. You will need plastic skulls and brightly colored puff paints. You can find skulls at craft supply stores and in the Halloween decoration aisle. Find images of sugar skulls online or make up a design of your own. Draw your design on the skull with a permanent marker before applying the paint. After you are satisfied with your design, fill in your drawing with the puff paints. You can also add glitter or jewels, pressing them directly into the paint. Let them dry overnight.