Poly Mesh Crafts

    by Elizabeth Sobiski

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    Poly mesh is a plastic fabric that is non-flammable and water resistant. It has been used in the floral industry for years, and is now making its way into the commercial market. It is available in 2.5-inch, 4-inch and 21-inch widths. There are a wide variety of colors available, including metallics and patterns such as plaids and stripes. Because of its versatility, you can use it in a variety of ways, both indoors and outdoors. Poly mesh is available at craft and hobby stores, as well as online.


    Both of the narrower widths of poly mesh are good for decorating wreaths. If you're using a basic wreath or wreath frame, attach one end of the poly mesh with a twist of floral wire, then make a loop and secure it into place with more floral wire. Keep going until the wreath is covered. Add other embellishments as desired. Also consider making wreaths for occasions other than holidays. Since the mesh is available in so many colors, you could decorate for sporting events or school functions using team colors.


    While paper flowers are making a decorating comeback, they are fragile and do not hold up well outside. Poufs made of poly mesh emulate the paper flowers, but have more versatility since they are more durable. Poufs are made of material gathered together in a ball-like form. Here, each pouf is made of three 2-foot sections of the 21-inch wide poly mesh. Take a piece and gather it in the center, holding it in one hand. While holding the first one, repeat with the other sections. Keep adding to the original one in your hand until all three are together. Use floral wire to secure everything. Spread out the edges of the pouf and fluff them. Hang from the ceiling or trees with fishing or monofilament line.

    Tree Garlands

    Add drama to a Christmas tree with any width of the poly mesh. The larger the tree, the wider mesh you can use. Bunch the mesh every 8 to 12 inches and secure with a twist of floral wire. Attach to the tree with floral wire as well, at least to begin. The rest can be draped as desired. Since the ribbon is non-flammable, it can be used near lights, which can add a special effect. You could also make bows with the mesh and wire for other decorating possibilities.

    Topiary Centerpieces

    Create centerpieces with a topiary form, poly mesh and other embellishments. Gather a loop of the 21-inch wide poly mesh at one end and wire it together. If you use a long-enough piece of wire, this same wire can also attach the mesh to the top of the topiary form. Continue attaching loops along the form until you reach the bottom. Trim off any excess mesh. Attach other embellishments with the floral wire, tucking the ends out of sight.