Paper Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

    by April Sanders

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    Paper pumpkins are often used in place of real pumpkins for decorating, such as when you want to hang pumpkins on a window. They are also often used for decorating contests, such as those that companies sponsor, or for a decorating contest in a classroom. Get creative with your paper pumpkin or make a simple statement. Either way, decorating your paper pumpkin is the perfect way to welcome the fall season.


    Create a traditional Jack-o-lantern out of your paper pumpkin. Glue black or yellow construction paper eyes, nose and a mouth to the shape. Add a brown construction paper stem, and maybe some vines made from green pipe cleaners. Try to also cut out holes for the eyes, nose and mouth, and then glue a piece of yellow tissue paper over the holes. Turn the paper pumpkin around, and place it in a window where the light can shine through the tissue paper, making the paper pumpkin glow.


    Decorate your paper pumpkin in an attractive and distinctive way by covering it with a mosaic pattern. Tear different shades of orange and yellow paper up into small pieces, and then glue them to the pumpkin until the whole pumpkin is covered. Use brown paper for the stem. You can also use other materials for the mosaic as well, such as large sequins, pieces of leaves, or even pumpkin stickers.

    3-D Pumpkin

    First, color the paper pumpkin in whatever way you desire. Then, cut strips of orange construction paper about an inch wide and a foot long. Hold the strips at the top of your paper pumpkin, then wrap them around the bottom and back up to the top on the back of your pumpkin. Staple the strips in place. Cut off any excess. This will give your paper pumpkin a rounded shape. Create a cylinder out of brown construction paper for the stem.

    Tactile Pumpkin

    Add some texture to your paper pumpkin. Cut several strips of orange paper (about an inch wide and six inches long). Wrap them around your pencil so they curl up into a circle. Cover your paper pumpkin liberally with white glue, then set the circles onto the glue until your paper pumpkin is covered in curly orange circles.

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