Paper Napkin Folding Ideas

    by Josh Vogt

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    Paper-napkin folding can be an art that, while requiring a good bit of practice, may create gorgeous side displays or centerpieces for any table. While folded napkins are prevalent in restaurants and hotels, you don’t have to be hosting a five-course meal at a five-diamond establishment to creative napkin folds.


    Most animal origami designs can be adapted to a paper-napkin fold. Decorate a child's room with paper-napkin cats, bears, birds, rabbits or whales. Have a zoo-themed party, with each child getting her place at the table marked with a unique napkin animal, or give everyone a napkin of his own and let him choose what he turns it into.


    Paper-napkin colors do not have to be monochromatic. Many holidays have an array of colors associated with it, such as Halloween’s orange and black, or the green and red of Christmas. Pick paper napkins of these colors and pair them up into folded designs that exemplify the holiday's vibrancy.

    General Decorative

    Fold a napkin into the shape of a shirt and tie for a more formal affair. Floral patterns can be set on plates or in goblets. Choose pastel-colored paper napkins for the flower petals, and green napkins that can be coiled tightly for stems. Folds that look like airplanes, spaceships and boats are appropriate for themed parties.


    There are many ways you can create a functional yet stylish design out of napkins. Paper napkins can be rolled into fancy pockets to hold silverware, or can be rolled up and tied with ribbons and bows for a more simple presentation. There are cone designs that can be used to contain treats and sweets for after dinner, or worn as a hat.

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