One Stroke Painting Ideas

    by Danita Fausek

    About the Author

    Based in Wisconsin, Danita Fausek’s 30-year working career includes jobs in administration, construction, remodeling, teaching quality processes and art classes, and event planning. With a degree in photography, she ran her own business for more than 15 years. In addition, Fausek has immersed herself in various hobbies including gardening, needlecraft and jewelry making. She brings all of this expertise to her writing.


    Donna Dewberry developed the one-stroke painting method and gave every craft person an opportunity to create beautifully painted objects with little or no training. Even those people who can't draw a straight line are able to create beautiful glassware, tableware, furniture and even clothing with her technique. With a little practice, there are no limits to the projects you can paint.

    Personalize your greeting cards

    Create your own greeting cards by using the one-stroke painting technique and your favorite designs. Purchase prefolded notecards and the appropriate color acryllic paint for your design. Paint your design on the front of the card and allow to dry. You can create a bouquet of flowers to say thanks, or a border of ivy for a simpler card. Any person you send these cards to will love that you painted them yourself.

    Old Furniture Needs a Touch-up

    Everyone with a house has some old furniture or otherwise interesting items hiding away in their basement or attic. Give those pieces new life by adding some one-stroke painted flowers or ivy to them. Make sure you clean the pieces well before starting, and paint a base or primer coat of paint on the item so that the paint will not be absorbed into the material. Imagine that old table with a fresh coat of paint and some lovely ivy painted around the border. Place a piece of glass on the top and you are ready to put it in a place of distinction.

    Walls and Windows

    One-stroke painting isn't just for functional items. You can use the technique to create borders for your wall or around windows. When creating a border for your wall, measure the space you have first and place a piece of painters tape on either side of the section to be painted. This will give you straight edges to work between as well as a more finished look.
    Windows can also be easily enhanced using this technique. Paint a vine of ivy on the wall surrounding the window or on the casement itself. The glass can also be painted using the proper type of paint to add a "stained glass" effect to your window.

    Painting Makes the Clothes

    You can easily dress up an old shirt, jeans or jacket by using the one-stroke technique and fabric paint. Stretch your article tight using a large embroidery hoop or protected ironing board. Make sure the surface is completely flat. Once you have completed your painting, you can decorate with glitter or glue on rhinestones for extra sparkle.