How to Mount & Frame Crochet Doilies

    by Anne Baley

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    Crocheted doilies are delicate pieces of handmade lace, usually stitched into round or oval shapes. While rarely used for their original purpose -- protecting the arms and backs of furniture from body oils -- doilies are still beautiful works of art that deserve to be displayed. Matting and framing a doily protects it from dust and dirt and showcases it as charming addition to your vintage or shabby chic decor.

    Things You'll Need

    • Picture frame
    • Background mat
    • Needle
    • Thread
    • Tape
    • Picture mat material
    • Mat cutter

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    Choose a picture frame with the opening at least 2 inches larger than the doily in both directions. Choose a background mat of the same size.

    Lay the background mat on a table or other flat surface. Arrange the doily on the mat so that the doily is centered evenly.

    Use the needle and thread that matches the doily to tack the doily to the mat. Poke the needle through the mat from the back towards the front near the edge of the doily. Push the needle back down through the mat, looping the thread over one or two doily strings. Pull the thread taut and clip off the thread in the back of the mat, leaving a 1-inch thread in the back.

    Tape the thread ends to the back of the picture mat. Tack other portions of the doily to the mat so that it is held securely. Make sure that you tack all around the entire doily edge to even out the stress from being held down.

    Cut a piece of mat material so that it frames the doily and covers the edge of the first mat but does not touch the doily. This second frame will create some depth from the first mat to the glass in the frame and will prevent the doily from being crushed against the glass when framed.

    Open the back of the frame. Remove the frame backing but leave the glass in place. Lay the mat frame over the glass. Lay the mat with the doily over the frame. Replace the frame backing and redo the hardware that holds the backing in place.

    • If your doily is an antique or a family heirloom, consider using archival materials to mat your work.