Mom's Birthday Crafts

    by Elizabeth Arnold

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    Handmade crafts make sweet and thoughtful birthday gifts for moms. Kids can make the heartfelt presents using basic craft items such as beads, colorful paper, stickers and markers. Children of all ages can make crafty gifts, from simple to elaborate. Birthday crafts range anywhere from home decor to household items.

    Pasta Plate

    Young children can make a birthday craft for Mom using dry pasta. The craft is simple to make and can be displayed in the kitchen. Choose a sturdy plate featuring Mom's favorite color, such as pink, red or green. You can cover a white paper plate with craft paint as another option. Apply craft glue on the backs of dry elbow-shaped pasta and arrange them on the plate to create a special message, such as "Happy Birthday, Mom." If you don't have pasta you can use dried legumes, such as lentils or black beans.

    Flower Pot

    If Mom loves flowers or gardening, treat her to a customized plant pot. She can place the hand-decorated pot on a porch, patio or in a kitchen window. Personalize the pot by painting it Mom's favorite color. Use acrylic craft paints for the best results. Use flower or heart-shaped stencils and a contrasting paint color to enhance the painted pot with designs. Use a glue gun to attach colorful buttons or flat-backed gems around the rim of the pot.

    Bejeweled Candle Holder

    Delight Mom with a handcrafted bejeweled candle holder, which she can use to decorate any room in the house. Wash a small baby food jar using dish soap and peel off the label. Dry the jar thoroughly and decorate it with colorful flat-backed glass or plastic gemstones. Apply a drop of glue on the back of the gems and press them onto the jar firmly to create a secure hold. You can fill in the spaces between the beads with silver or gold glitter glue if you desire. Place a scented votive candle in the jar prior to presenting the gift.

    Foam Frame

    A child can give her mom a gift of her photo in a handmade foam frame. Choose a photo and cut two square pieces of craft foam slightly larger than the picture. Cut a square out of the center of one piece of foam using a craft knife; make sure the square is large enough to allow the photo to show through. Apply craft glue to the back of the photo and press it onto the uncut foam square. Apply glue to the back of the cut foam and press it onto the photo, allowing the image to show through. Decorate the perimeter of the frame with beads, if you desire. Punch a hole in the top of the frame and loop a ribbon through it for hanging.

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