Mason Jar Crafts for Christmas

    by Stephanie Nolan

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    Pack a small sentiment in a Mason jar this holiday season and gift it as part of a larger package. Pair Mason jars full of homemade candy with a sack of gourmet coffee and bath salts with a luxuriously impractical bath sheet to remind the special person in your life how much you care. Make a Mason jar gift suitable for children on up using small toys, favorite foods and even inspirational quotes.

    Food in a Jar

    Peanut brittle and almond bark are both tasty holiday gift ideas that display nicely in a decorated Mason jar. If you're handy in the kitchen, you might try packing jars full of the homemade versions of these traditional treats for an added personalized touch. Tie a pretty ribbon around the lid and drop it down into a gift bag filled with a sack of gourmet dessert coffee and a vintage mug. Your recipient will think kindly of you as she indulges her penchant for sweets and coffee.

    Toys in a Jar

    Fill a Mason jar with different types of colored beads and tie plastic string or bead wire several times around the lid of the jar to make a bead kit. Thread a few charms through the string before tying it off. Variations on this ideas include filling your jar with colorful glass marbles, hair accessories and art supplies such as crayons, mini markers and sticky notes.

    Love Notes

    Write or type 365 love notes and drop them into the jar. Tie a red curled ribbon around the lid and attach a diamond ring for the perfect proposal gift. Alternatively, type out 365 inspirational or spiritual quotes to fill the jar and give it to your best friend along with a copy of her favorite movie and some gourmet popcorn. Or you might collect coins to fill the jar. Fill it brimful of change and present it to your favorite elementary-aged errand-runner or dog-sitter as an unexpected Christmas or birthday treat.

    Scented Jars

    Drop a long-lasting wick into a Mason jar and pour it full of scented wax. You might even use a decoupage medium to affix pressed flowers or bits of tissue paper to the outside of your homemade candle jar. Expand upon this same idea using scented bath salts. Present your scented gifts to the recipient along with a comfy bath pillow and one luxurious Egyptian cotton bath sheet.