How to Make a Wreath With Tulle

    by Cynthia Vukets

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    Ever wondered what to do with all the leftover tulle from your wedding, baby shower or child's birthday party? Why not craft an easy, inexpensive wreath to hang in your home as a reminder of the special day? With just a few other materials, you can turn yards of fabric into one or two pretty, themed ornaments.

    Things You'll Need

    • Tulle
    • Wreath form
    • Craft wire or glue
    • Ribbons, glitter, ornaments, silk flowers

    Cut a length of tulle to wrap around the wreath form. Depending on how much gathering you'd like, you'll need three to ten feet of fabric.

    Wrap the tulle around the wreath form. Attach the end of the fabric to the back of the wreath with hot glue. Then wrap the tulle around the wreath by weaving it in and out of the opening in the wreath form. You'll grasp the form in your left hand and use your right to pass the fabric through the middle then around, back up and through again.

    Gather the tulle as you wrap it around the wreath, creating puckers to give a fuller look. Once the entire wreath form is covered with fabric, cut off any extra tulle and glue the edge to the back of the wreath.

    Attach ribbon by wrapping it around the wreath in the same way as the tulle. This time, however, you'll likely want to wrap it only once every few inches.

    Add other embellishments, such as glitter or ornaments. You can attach ornaments, small metal stars, buttons, feathers or silk flowers. Try grouping the objects together to create a trendy, asymmetrical look. Attach with craft wire or hot glue. Once the glue has dried, your wreath is ready to be hung.

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