How to Make a Wire Hanger Mobile

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    Wire hanger mobiles are creative decorations, suitable for hanging virtually anywhere in the home. As a piece of decorative wall art, wire hanger mobiles can display images from family vacations, holidays, scenic views from postcards, or even childhood milestones. With the simplicity of the project and low cost of the materials, you might make several mobiles for various displays in your home.

    Things You'll Need

    • Scissors
    • Old greeting cards or postcards
    • Single hole punch
    • 10-inch-long pieces of polyester string -- one for each cut-out
    • Two wire hangers
    • Wire cutters
    • Jewelry file
    • Round-nose pliers

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    Cut out a specific image from your card or cut out different shapes such as floral or geometric designs in various sizes. To display photos or scenery postcards, leave them in standard rectangular shape or cut them into shapes as desired.

    Punch a hole at the top center of each cut-out with the single-hole punch.

    Thread a piece of string through the punched out hole of each cut-out and tie the end of the string in a knot to secure each cut-out.

    Loop one wire hanger through the other wire hanger. Position the horizontal bars at the bottom of the hangers to form an "X" shape.

    Twist the necks of the hangers together to join them and re-form the hook using your hands until it forms an upside down "J".

    Cut away the horizontal bar at the bottom of each hanger with the wire cutter to remove these pieces. Discard these pieces.

    File the cut ends of the wire with the jewelry file to make them smooth.

    Tie the strings of two or three pictures to each wire, 1 inch above the cut edges.

    Bend the ends of the wires into a half-loop with the round-nose pliers.

    Slide the tied strings down to the curve of the loops.

    Close the loops of wire with the round-nose pliers to form circles and secure the tied strings at the ends of the wires.

    • Create your own pictures for the mobile by printing out images on standard card stock paper.
    • Spray the hangers with glitter, paint, or gloss before attaching the strings for a decorative appearance.
    • If your mobile is close to a corner or a wall, have your images facing the room. If you will hang the mobile in the center of a room, arrange the images so they face different directions or the same direction, depending on the effect you wish to create.
    • If your mobile is for a baby's crib or over a child's bed, punch a hole in the center of your images with the fronts of the images facing down.
    • Always file raw edges of wires to prevent injury and snags to fabric.
    • Adults should perform work with wire cutters, hole punch and jewelry file to avoid injury to children.

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