How to Make Wine Stoppers

    by Genevieve Adams

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    Genevieve Adams has been a freelance writer since 2007 and is also regulatory compliance analyst for a community bank in the Pacific Northwest. Her work, covering primarily finance, crafting and fashion, appears on various websites. She has a Bachelor of Arts in theater from Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon.


    Whether you are storing your opened bottle of wine for a few days, or simply pausing between glasses, it is a good idea to use a wine bottle stopper. By keeping air and dust out of the bottle, the wine stopper will help your wine stay fresher longer. You can make this wine-enthusiast's essential into a beautiful, decorative piece, and in addition to enhancing your own wine bottles, home-made wine stoppers make a thoughtful and personalized gift.

    Things You'll Need

    • Decorative drawer or cabinet pull
    • Headless screw
    • Safety gloves
    • Fine drill bit
    • Wine cork
    • Craft glue

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    Go to your local hardware or home improvement store to select a decorative drawer pull. When making your decision, keep the colors that are prominent in your home, or the home of the person you intend to give the stopper to, in mind and make a choice that will complement and enhance them.

    Select a headless screw that will fit into your drawer pull. You are looking for a screw that will extend about 1/2 inch after one end is screwed into the drawer pull.

    Put on safety gloves. Hold a wine cork firmly in the fingers of one hand. With the other hand, take a drill bit and carefully twist it into the center of the larger end of the cork. Making sure to twist in a straight line to create at least a 1/4-inch channel in the top of the cork.

    Put a small amount of craft glue on one end of the headless screw and screw it into the shaft of the drawer pull.

    Twist the opposite end of the headless screw into the channel you created in the top of the cork, while holding the drawer pull. Continue twisting until the end of the drawer pull fits tightly up against the cork top. Your wine stopper is now ready to use.

    • Make a set of wine stoppers and place them in a pretty box for a housewarming gift.
    • Do not screw use the drill bit without wearing safety gloves