How to Make Window Drapes

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    Finding a set of draperies to match your décor can be difficult. You may find the right pattern, but the style may not be exactly what you had in mind or the material not to your liking. Fortunately, you can put an end to your frustrating search by creating your own lined window drapes.

    Things You'll Need

    • Curtain rod and rings with clips
    • Tape measure
    • Fabric
    • Drapery lining
    • Scissors
    • Pins
    • Thread
    • Sewing machine
    • Iron

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    Prepare the Drapes and Lining

    Measure your windows to determine the length and width of the drapes. Install the rod in the chosen location, according to the manufacturer's instructions and hang your rings from the rod. Measure from the base of the rings to the floor for the length. Measure the width of the curtain rod.

    Purchase the fabric for the drapes and your lining. Add 10 inches of fabric to the length measurement and double the rod width.

    Cut the drape panels equal to the length required and the calculated width. Join panels of fabric together as necessary.

    Sew the hems of your drape. Fold up the bottom of the drapery fabric 4 inches and iron. Then fold up another 4 inches and iron again.

    Pin and sew the hem in place with a straight stitch. The hem should be at the top of the fold, approximately 4 inches from the bottom of the drape.

    Cut the length and width of your lining, join panels together as necessary. The width is the same width of the drape minus 6 inches. The length is the same length of the finished drape.

    Fold up the bottom of the lining 2 inches and iron. Then fold up another 2 inches and iron again.

    Pin and sew the hem of the lining with a straight stitch.

    Attach the Drapes and Lining

    Lay the drapes right side up on a table. Lay the lining right-side down on top of the drape so that it is about 1 1/2 inch above the bottom of the drape fabric.

    Attach the raw sides of fabric together with pins and then stitch down along the sides 1 1/2 inches from the raw edge. Since the lining is not as wide as the drape, you will have extra drape material.

    Turn the drape inside out so that the right side of the drape is visible. Iron the drape, with the lining side up. Center the lining over the drape fabric, creating an equal fold-over of the drape fabric at each side hem.

    Tuck the extra drape material under itself at the bottom corners of the drape. Sew a few blind stitches to hold this tuck in place.

    Lay the lining side up, and then fold over the entire top edge in a 1-inch double fold. Pin the edge. Stitch in place, using a straight stitch.

    Complete the drapes by attaching ring clips equally spaced across the top of the drape.

    • Consider blackout lining for a bedroom.
    • Drapes are made from heavier, thicker fabric than curtains. When purchasing fabric look for velvets or heavier cottons. When purchasing lining, look for flexible lining that will hang loosely and flat under your drapes.
    • If the fabric was not cut to the exact needed measurements when purchased, you must cut the fabric before sewing.