How to Make a Viking Helmet

    by Bren Hahn

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    The Vikings were a strong group of people, considered fierce and fearless. Consisting of Danish, Norwegian and Swedish warriors, Vikings have an almost mythical historical image. The Vikings traveled long distances and fought savagely to increase property holdings. Today, the Vikings depict adventure and strength. Construct a Viking helmet to wear as part of a Halloween, theatrical or mascot costume. Raid your craft supplies closet and recycling bin to create the helmet.

    Things You'll Need

    • Plastic milk jug
    • Black marker
    • Measuring tape
    • Scissors
    • Newspaper
    • Masking tape
    • Double-sided carpet tape
    • Brown paper bag
    • Glue
    • Silver duct tape

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    Draw a line around a plastic gallon milk jug, just under the jug's handle. Use a measuring tape to make the line even.

    Cut the milk jug at the line. The bottom half of the milk jug will serve as the base of the helmet.

    Roll newspaper to form horns. Leave the bottom of the horns flat so they can be taped to the helmet. Add newspaper to the horns until you have created the desired size and shape.

    Cover each horn with masking tape. Smooth the edges of the masking tape firmly to the horns.

    Decide where to place the horns on the milk jug and mark the horn locations.

    Cut two pieces of double-sided carpet tape and press the double-sided tape onto the helmet at the marked locations.

    Attach the flat ends of the horns firmly onto the double-sided tape.

    Cut several small pieces of double-sided carpet tape and stick them to the outside bottom edge of the helmet.

    Cover the helmet with one layer of newspaper. Press the newspaper layer onto the double-sided tape.

    Cut strips or sections of the brown paper bag and glue the bag pieces to the newspaper-covered crown of the Viking helmet. Press the pieces of the paper bag smoothly against the newspaper.

    Place silver duct tape along the bottom edge of the Viking helmet and around the horns.

    • Use stickers to decorate the Viking helmet.
    • Add faux fur around the horns of the helmet to create a different look.
    • If the hat is a little small, make a small slit in the back of the helmet before covering with newspaper.
    • Use the black marker to add designs to the Viking helmet.
    • Don't leave any of the double-sided or duct tape exposed or it could stick to hair when the helmet is worn.