How to Make a Tutu Dress for Older Girls

    by Angela Neal

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    Tutus aren't just for little girls, but the bigger the tutu dress, the more expensive the tutu becomes. If you have access to yards of tulle fabric, which you can find at a craft store, you can make a tutu for an older girl. There is a way to make a tutu dress that requires no sewing at all and the process is very simple. Let your daughter choose the color for her handmade tutu.

    Things You'll Need

    • 10 yards tulle
    • Measuring tape
    • Scissors
    • Ribbon

    Fold 1 yard of tulle over itself lengthwise in 6-inch sections. Make a cut from the edge of the folds on both sides to the ends. Hold the folded layers of tulle down with one hand, while cut all the way up on either side. This is just to make cutting the tulle into strips easier and quicker. Repeat this with 9 more yards of tulle.

    Measure your daughter's waist with a tape measure. Measure and cut a length of 3-inch-wide ribbon to the size of her waist and add 10 inches so you can tie the tutu together. Tie a double overhand knot in the ribbon about 5 inches in from each end. Tie the ribbon around the waist and tie the ends into a bow.

    Fold a strip of tulle in half and slip the folded middle down under the ribbon around her waist. Bring the ends of the strip of tulle through the loop the folded middle created and pull them down until the loop tightens around the ribbon.

    Slide the ribbon up against the first knot next to where you tied the ribbon. Tighten the tulle knot and repeat the process. Slide each new tulle knot tightly up against the last one. Work your way around until you get to the other end. Loosen the bow in the ribbon around the waist and turn it as you work your way around.

    Untie the bow and tie it again to take the tutu on and off.

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