How to Make a Top Hat for a Snowman

    by Donna Thacker

    About the Author

    Donna Thacker has been a writer/photographer for over 15 years. She held the position of associate editor/writer/photographer at Biker Ally Magazine. She currently is a photojournalist for The Biking Life, and has been featured on the front page of The Greenville Advocate, The Hillsboro Journal and The Sorento News. Thacker also designed and published several booklets of historical interest for local organizations.


    Every grand snowman that graces your yard should be dressed in his finest attire. It doesn’t take much to give him a scarf around his neck, some twigs for arms and a bright orange carrot nose, but most homes don't have a spare top hat laying around. Even if you do have a top hat, you probably don't want to risk ruining it out in the elements. With just a coffee fan, black felt and some glue you can make your snowman a top hat to add the finishing touches to his wardrobe.

    Things You'll Need

    • Large metal coffee can
    • 2 sheets of poster board or thin cardboard
    • 2 or 3 large squares of black felt
    • Craft glue

    Remove the plastic lid and any paper from the coffee can.

    Trace the outline of the bottom of the coffee can onto the cardboard or poster board.

    Measure 4 inches away from the coffee can all the way around, and draw another circle. The circle will resemble a tire.

    Cut the tire-shaped circle out of the cardboard. Save the inner circle for later.

    Using the cardboard pattern, cut two tire-shaped circles out of the black felt material.

    Glue the black felt on to both sides of the cardboard or poster board circle and let it dry.

    Measure the circumference and height of the coffee can and subtract two inches from the height.

    Cut an oblong piece of felt according to the measurements you just took.

    Glue the oblong piece of felt around the coffee can. The felt should be flush at the bottom of the can. The top 2 inches of the coffee can, near the opening, should be exposed.

    Slide the tire-shaped circle of cardboard and felt over the bottom of the can and up to the point where it meets the bottom of the felt covering the can.

    Cut one round circle from the felt, using the inner circle of cardboard you saved.

    Turn the coffee can upside down and glue the round circle of felt to the bottom of the can.

    Place the coffee can on the snowman’s head and push in the exposed part of the can until the black felt brim rests on the head. This will help secure the top hat in the wind and snow.

    • Decorate the top hat by gluing glitter or holly leaves on it.
    • Make any size you want by using a different size can and adjusting the size of the felt pieces to fit the size can you are using. Use vegetable cans for miniature snowmen top hats.
    • The felt top hat may not stand up to severe weather, so be prepared to make more.
    • Do not use a glue gun, as the glue will turn hard in the cold and the top hat will fall apart.