How to Make a Tiki Torch

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    Light your backyard with Tiki torches to add a touch of the tropics to your next gathering. Recycle household products and make your own Tiki torches for your next party. Save money and exercise your creative instincts by following these simple steps to make your own personal Tiki torch.

    Things You'll Need

    • Spray paint
    • Tiki torch oil
    • Colored duct tape
    • 1-1/2 inch diameter PVC pipe
    • Hack saw
    • 6 ounce tuna can
    • 10.5 ounce soup can
    • Can opener
    • Heavy duty screwdriver
    • Tiki torch wick
    • Large planter
    • Sand
    • Matches

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    Choose a color scheme for your Tiki torch. Purchase spray paint and duct tape that compliments your color scheme.

    Acquire a 1-½ inch diameter PVC pipe to make the shaft. Find PVC pipe in the plumbing aisle of your local home improvement store. Cut the PVC pipe into four to five foot lengths using a hack saw.

    Empty and clean a six ounce tuna can and a 10.5 ounce soup can. Remove the top lid and paper wrapper from both cans. Keep the bottom lid on each can.

    Paint the exterior of the cans with spray paint that adheres to metal surfaces. Allow the paint to dry completely before using the cans to create your Tiki torch.

    Punch a hole in the top of the tuna can with a heavy duty screwdriver. Thread the Tiki torch wick through the hole you have created.

    Put the soup can on top of the PVC pipe. Wrap the bottom of the can in colored duct tape. Attach the can to the pipe by wrapping duct tape around the can and the pipe. Wrap the can and the pipe with duct tape until the can sits firmly on top of the pipe.

    Place the pipe in a large planter filled with sand to keep the Tiki torch upright. Fill the can with Tiki torch fuel. Place the tuna can with the wick on top of the soup can. Light your Tiki torch with matches after the wick has had time to absorb the Tiki fuel, about a half hour.

    • Paint the PVC pipe for a more decorative Tiki torch.
    • Experiment with different sized cans if you desire a larger or smaller Tiki torch.
    • Spray paint is highly flammable. Wait until the paint has completely dried before exposing painted surfaces to heat.
    • Fire is dangerous. Do not allow children to play with fire.