How to Make a Tie Blanket

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    This a great project for kids and the crafter who's not fond of sewing. The following instructions make a cozy twin-sized blanket but you can create any size you like. Just make sure that both pieces are the same size before you start cutting. Adjust the length of the fringe (the cuts) to balance with the size of the finish blanket.

    Things You'll Need

    • 2 lengths of 54-inch wide fleece, each 2 1/2 yards long in coordinating colors or patterns
    • A 12-inch ruler
    • Fabric scissors, sharp

    Work on the floor. Clear enough space to lay the fabric out flat and to move around the edges of the fabric.

    Position one piece of the fleece, softer side down, on the floor. Smooth the fabric so that it lays flat. Place the second piece of fleece, softer side up, atop the first piece.

    Make sure the edges of the two pieces are even on all four sides. Use the scissors to correct uneven edges. Note that there are two short sides and two long sides of the rectangle.

    Move down about 5 inches on one of the short sides and make a cut 5 inches deep into the fabric. Cut perpendicular to the edge of the fabric. Move over one inch and make another cut 5 inches deep. Continue making the cuts 1 inch apart. Stop within 5 inches of the other end.

    Start working across the adjacent long edge. Measure in about 5 inches and make a cut 5 inches deep so that it intersects the last cut on the previous side. Remove the 5 inch square corner piece.

    Continue fringing the fabric by making a 5 inch deep cut every one inch, stopping 5 inches before each corner and removing a square from each corner. Keep the two layers of fabric even atop one another as work continues.

    Take the two strips of each cut and tie them together in a knot. Continue around the fabric until all the strips are knotted and the blanket is completed.

    Snuggle up with the new blanket. Wash and tumble dry per the instructions on the fabric bolt.

    • Expect to pay $5-$15 per yard for fleece. Shop for holiday prints on clearance after the holidays for blankets for next year. Purchase seasonal colors on sale at the end of each season.
    • Do not tie the strips together until all the strips have been cut around all four sides. To do so pulls the fabric off center and the blanket won't be square.