How to Make a Teddy Bear Pattern

    by Amma Marfo

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    Children love cute teddy bears. A teddy bear that is handmade will be cherished even more by the child that receives it. Before you can make a teddy bear, however, you will need to make a teddy bear pattern to use for cutting out fabric. Although there are many complex patterns available for purchase at craft stores, a homemade pattern consists of only two pieces and should be as basic to draw by hand as it is to sew.

    Things You'll Need

    • Paper
    • Pencil
    • Scissors

    Set your paper on a flat surface with the longest sides running vertically. Along the right side, write the term "fold line" in the center of the page and draw an arrow pointing toward the edge of the paper.

    Draw half of a bear outline by making a half circle for a head starting at the right edge of the paper, or fold line, at the top of the page. As you bring the half circle down extend your line to the left to make the outline of an arm as long or as short as you want (but at least one inch wide).

    Bring your line back in from the arm to form the bear’s belly, and then go back out to make a leg, leaving the edge rounded or coming up slightly to form a foot. As you come back on the underside of the leg toward the bear's bottom, bring the line all the way to the "fold line" edge of the paper.

    Draw a dotted line on the outside edge of your previous line only one-quarter to one-half inch away from the solid line. Use the solid line as a sewing line and the dotted line as the cutting line for your pattern.

    Draw the outline of a bear's ear (a tall half-circle with a straight line on the bottom) followed by adding a dotted line around your solid line.

    Write "cut two" on your bear's body piece to create a front and a back. Write "cut four" on the bear's ear piece so both ears will have a front and back. Cut out both of your pattern pieces along the dotted lines. Store the pattern pieces together or use it right away to make your bear.

    • The "fold line" of your body pattern piece indicates that your fabric will need to be folded in half. This way, when you cut out your pattern, you cut out a whole front and a whole back piece.
    • After creating your bear, you may find you want some portions to be larger or smaller on the pattern. Simply make a new pattern, making some areas larger or smaller as desired by following the same steps above.


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