How to Make a Square Knot Bracelet

    by Contributing Writer

    It's easy for the girl on a budget to create her own attractive accessories. With some colorful, inexpensive cording and the ability to tie a square knot, you can make bracelets by the score. Whether you share, sell or keep your knotted bangles for yourself, they're sure to attract attention.

    Things You'll Need

    • Scissors
    • Measuring tape
    • String, cord or embroidery floss
    • Table or other work surface
    • Masking tape
    • Beads, optional

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    Measure your wrist to determine how long the bracelet will need to be. Add about 4 inches to that measurement and cut two pieces of string at that length. These will be your "core strings." Cut two more pieces of string about three times as long as the first two. These are your "working strings." The hardest thing to learn in making knotted jewelry is how to cut the right amount of string. It is best to cut much more than you think that you will need rather than reaching the end of your string only to discover that all your hard work is going to waste because the bracelet is too small. If you're using beads, space them out next to the string that is the size of your wrist to give you an idea of where to place them in your design.

    Line up the ends of all four pieces of string and knot them together with an overhand knot, leaving about 2 inches for the tail.

    Arrange the pieces so that the two longer pieces are on the outside and the two shorter ones are on the inside. Don't worry if you can get them to lie down perfectly in a row, you won't be able to tell once you're finished.

    Tape the 2-inch tail down to the table or other work surface. This lets you to keep tension on your strings as you tie for the most attractive, even knots.

    Start knotting the bracelet. Take the right, outside working string, and bring it left, underneath the two center, core strings. Take the left working string and wrap it underneath the other working string, over the two core strings and through the loop created by the right working string and the right core string.

    Do the exact same things again, reversing which working strings go over and under the core strings. Pull it taut or your piece will look lumpy. You now have a complete square knot. After a few knots, it becomes natural and you hardly even think about your next step.Beads can be placed on any string you like, depending on your design. One way to do it is to thread the two core strings through the bead -- after one complete knot -- and continue with your knotting. The working strings hold the bead in place. Keep count of how many knots you made to ensure that your beads are spaced evenly.

    Keep repeating your knots until you reach the desired length, about 2 inches from the end of your core strings.

    Tie all four strings off with another overhand knot. Untape the bracelet from the table.

    Knot the 2-inch tails together around your wrist and trim with your scissors as needed. It helps to have another person around to help with the tying.

    • Square knot bracelets are most often made with hemp rope and beads. However, your only limit is your imagination. Any sturdy string, embroidery thread, or leather cord works. Experiment with different materials and looks, to create a truly unique piece. Try any beads that appeal to you or you can try using multiple colors of string that will be eye catching enough without the addition of beads. Just make sure that any beads you choose have holes big enough to accommodate double the circumference of the string you choose.
    • If you want to be able to take your bracelet on and off with ease, instead of knotting the ends together, use an old button on one end and end with a loop on the other.