How to Make Soap From Scratch Without Using Lye

    by Amy Lukavics

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    There is a lot of controversy about making lye-free soap because in truth, it's impossible to create real soap without lye having been used at some point during the process. However, you don't have to handle lye yourself if you want to make homemade soap. Glycerin blocks and other soap bases are available in craft stores and online and can be easily made into soap bars with your choice of fragrance and decoration. While there are traces of lye in glycerin and all soap bases, it is completely different than using lye as the main ingredient.

    Things You'll Need

    • Double boiler
    • Glycerin chunks
    • Essential oil of choice
    • Vegetable oil cooking spray
    • Soap molds
    • Dried flowers

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    Fill the bottom of a double boiler with a small amount of water and bring to a simmer. Take care not to add too much water, or it will spill out of the double boiler.

    Add as many chunks of glycerin as you'd like to the top bowl of the double boiler. It takes about three pre-cut glycerin chunks to create one bar of soap. Allow the glycerin to melt into a clear liquid.

    Gently stir in a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the melted glycerin. How much oil you use will depend on how much soap you are making and how strong you want the soap to smell. Use your nose to determine the perfect amount for you.

    Spray some soap molds with vegetable oil cooking spray and set a dried flower into each empty mold. The dried flower will be visible through the soap and provide a beautiful decoration.

    Pour the mixture into the soap molds and allow to cool and harden for about three hours or until the soap is completely solidified.

    Gently press your fingers into the back of the molds to make the soap pop out.

    • Don't stir the glycerin too much as it is melting; doing so can cause the soap be be cloudy and the dried flower won't be as visible.

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