How to Make a Shoebox Parade Float

    by Marjorie Gilbert

    About the Author

    Marjorie Gilbert is a freelance writer and published author. An avid researcher, Gilbert has created an Empire gown (circa 1795 to 1805) from scratch, including drafting the gown's patterns by hand.


    Making things in miniature has much appeal Using items from around the house is even more appealing, and crafters of all ages can do it. If you've ever dreamed of making a parade float but never had the chance to be involved in the planning of a parade, you don't need to wait any longer. Gather the family to make shoebox float s and hold your own parade.

    Things You'll Need

    • Shoe box
    • Scissors
    • Paper
    • Glue
    • Paint
    • Grass
    • Dirt
    • Plaster of Paris
    • Newspaper
    • Lincoln logs or twigs

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    Decide on the theme and design of your shoebox parade float. Possible designs include a volcano that's threatening to overcome a small village at its foot, a princess' castle, Abraham Lincoln's log cabin, a jungle or desert habitat scene or whatever you desire.

    Sketch a design for your float, determining whether you need to alter the shape or size of the box. If you are building a parade float where the entire float is part of the structure--a house or a castle, for example--you may wish to keep the sides of the shoebox as is. However, if you intend on creating a plain on which the mountain or a structure sits, you may wish to cut the sides of the shoebox down or leave a lip of about an inch in height.

    Prepare the base of your float. If you are building a flat plain on which a structure rests, for example, you might paint the floor of the shoebox green for grass, or a mixture of colors to represent grass and dirt or even blue for water. You can even glue on real grass and dirt.

    Construct buildings or other standing additions to your float. For example, if you are building Lincoln's log cabin, you can construct it out of Lincoln logs or thick twigs that you cut to length with scissors. Make a volcano from plaster of Paris or papier mache, or even use buildings from train sets to create a village.